Thursday, February 17, 2011

Twitter dismisses $10bn Google deal and talks up mobile

Twitter chief executive Dick Costolo has dismissed talk of a $10bn deal with Google as "rumour" during a keynote speech at Mobile World Congress.

He laughed off questions about tie-ups with Facebook and Google, saying he didn't know "where such talk came from".

Instead he concentrated on the importance of the service's growth, especially on mobile.

According to Mr Costolo, 40% of tweets now come from mobile platforms.

He said that the service needed "deeper integration" in smartphones as well as to extend how it was made available to more basic phones.

Mr Costolo said that he wanted Twitter to work seamlessly on all mobile software.

"We want deep smartphone integration and stronger text messaging integration. It has to just work the same way everywhere it is used," he said.

But he offered little detail on how this would be achieved, beyond saying that he wanted more "single sign-ons".

"We want to be able to tweet from any app, without having to fire up another application," he said.

More detail on how Twitter could be integrated with mobiles would have been useful, said Eden Zoller, principal analyst at research firm Ovum.

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