Saturday, September 10, 2011

Solicit Vocal Supporters

Whenever the Karate students test for their next belt, be it a brown belt or a 4th degree black belt, the Dojo is filled with rabid fans, both other students, parents and friends. It gets loud, with board breaking being the culmination of the demonstration. The students punch and kick boards to raucous applause, and you can feel the energy buoying the little ones who may miss on the first few tries. In fact, I've seen a 6 year old kick a board until his foot was throbbing in pain until he broke it, limping off the mat to a standing O.

In your small business, you may do all the work but don't go it alone. If your spouse is not on board and wants you to go get a real job, it is extremely hard to succeed in spite of that lack of support. But, if he or she is cheering you on every time you fail, you'll find a way to smash your way to the finish line too, even while limping across with a sweaty smile on your face.