Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Local SEO marketing for local websites

If you have a local website for a business operating in a specific geographic area, you don’t need a global SEO program.

A local website is one that has no need to target visitors from around the world. For instance, if you run a spa, a hotel, a real estate agency, a bed and breakfast, a caterer or restaurant, a landscaping or contractor business, automotive repair, any type of retail store or local business service, your SEO plan needs to target specifically local searchers.

A global business might seek rankings for “luxury hotels”. Your local establishment might need search engine optimization for “Chicago hotel”. There is a big difference in the amount of competition between the two search terms, therefore also in the amount of SEO effort and in the amount of cost for you.

We offer search engine optimization for both global and local websites, but our approach is in most cases quite different. Whereas a 12-month SEO program is typically recommended for a global-oriented website, a local business searching for local customers more typically requires just a six-month SEO program. We prefer not to oversell what you are not likely to need.

There are exceptions to the six-month local SEO recommendation. One such exception is for real estate agency websites, where search engine rankings are more competitive than for most local businesses; six months is never enough.

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